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Product Type: Nut & Seed Oil
Processing Type: RefinedMFractionated Oil
Cultivation Type: COMMON
Use: Cooking
Purity (%): 100
Grade: A
Processing: Cold Pressed 100% Pure
Product Type: Sunflower
Package: 1L 3L 5L 10L
Color: Light Yellow Liquid
Use: Cooking
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Application: Any Food
Refined Type Fractionated Oil
Origin: Ukraine
1.0 Liter bottle – in carton of 15 bottles – 27,180 pcs
1.8 Liter bottle – in carton of 9 bottles – 15,345pcs
2.0 Liter bottle – in carton of 9 bottles – 13,878 pcs
3.0 Liter bottle – in carton of 6 bottles – 9210 pcs
5.0 Liter bottle -in carton of 3 bottles – 5436 pcs
Refined deodorized sunflower oil MT in bulk 22T in Flexi-Tank

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