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This product is the first thing you need when dealing with stained or otherwise defaced banknotes. The SSD cleaning solution from Solve Problems has been made according to the innovative formula to turn discolored money into like-new, crisp bills without affecting their security elements. Now you don’t have to settle for less value if your notes are far from being in mint condition.

This SSD chemical solution can be applied on any anti-breeze bills – from British pounds to dollars and euros. Once the cleaning reaction is activated, it removes contamination from your black money. Your notes will become usable again, no matter whether they are:

or otherwise damaged


Despite the chemical nature of the cleaning process, our solution has no bearing on security features. That means your black money will get back into shape with the same intaglio print, colors, and text quality as new bills come with.

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You don’t have to be a certified chemist to apply the solution. The cleaning process is pretty easy and risk-free when carried out with all the guidelines in mind. Like with any chemical, however, being cautious is pivotal.

Avoid direct exposure to this black money washing solution and take protective measures to prevent it from getting on your skin. Some of its ingredients may cause irritation if spilled on the body. This being the case, be sure to flush the affected area with plenty of water.

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It’s important to follow safety instructions when cleaning defaced banknotes with this substance. At Solve Problems, we’ve done our best to put them down in an unambiguous manner. After you buy our SSD chemical solution online, stick to them to salvage your black money from ending up in a trash can safely!

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